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Much like Keen Panache Enterprise, Panache Pioneers is also managed in a creative and innovative way, using technologies and the power of the internet; which are universally acceptable tools to communicate with customers worldwide. With over 5 years broad-based experience in business administration, secretarial work, compliance administration, and graphic designing, Phologo Sema has been exposed to IT functions and services; developing personalities requited to succeed in project management.

He has the necessary knowledge and relationships with the various leading industry traders to help maintain high levels of project satisfaction. Phologo has the necessary abilities to juggle the tringle of deadlines, scopes and budgets. He will take the company to greater heights, setting reasonable expectations and ensuring fulfillment of those expectations.

As a manager of the day-to-day running of the company with a sharp business acumen, he holds a qualification and an extensive experience in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. He is theoretically equipped with business skills and confidence communicating with executive stakeholders. Practically, Phologo has over 3 years hands-on experience in the IT space, especially working with computers and connecting people to the internet. To this business, he contributes complementary rapport with the various youth businesses, understanding of the economic drivers allowing a business to grow, ability to exercise initiatives and a practical ICT knowledge, especially in the recent digital age and a time where technologies are highly advanced.

It’s one thing for a manager to know where they want to be, but getting there can be a considerable challenge, especially for IT. With the industry changing at a rate faster than before, Phologo is able to plan for short-term; looking at issues such as the EOL (End of Life) for most hardware and strategically positioning the company for projects. 

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