Since the advent of internet, a lot has happened over the years to IT. More and more people have taken to trades in this respective industry. It becomes evident that one of the hurdles that is readily  needed to be scaled when pursuing different careers and businesses is extensive research. Since the rise of mobile internet,  to some extent the demand for computers for browsing the internet is decreasing. 

Internet Cafe were like mushrooms in the early 2000’s when computers were highly demanded. With that in mind and in today’s information age, we still opine that:

  1. Students will need to do assignments;
  2. Employees and job seekers will need to sort out paperwork and conduct research; and
  3. Gamers need fun and leisure.
Panache I-Cafe is a compelling environment to do business, study, work and meet people. Our cafe is WI-FI enabled, allowing for authorised access to the internet on own devices and our services also include printing, document restoration, document uploading and downloading, typing and more. Please refer to signage below.

We actively seek to support small entities and individuals in their business and career prospects through our Diversity Skills Development Program (DSDP). The project is aimed at sourcing, inspiring and empowering professionals, entrepreneurs and the youth in townships, urban areas and rural locations. 

Delegates in the medical, education, banking, public service and entrepreneurship industries are brought together into one setting for skills sharing, collaborations, exposure, access to market potential, networking and continued support.  We also provide workstations on rental for a week to a month, allowing our valued customers to study, work, have fun and do research. 



2603 Isikhehle Street
Protea Glen Extension Ext

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