Enterprise Development, Youth Empowerment and Reality Shifting has always been our determined path to creating a creative freedom and smart democracy, with South Africa striving to cast aside centuries of discrimination, social injustices, social inequalities, unemployment, poverty, and unsustainable infrastructures that supports entrepreneurship. 

We believe that it is our concern to devise innovative ideas and approaches with the world now extensively embedded with technology, enabling connections and interactions over the internet. 

Panache Pioneers sits at the core of youth dispensation and seeks to actively effect remarkable changes to the entrepreneurship landscape; and practically empowering the youth and people of Mzansi. 


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As an ICT SC, you will be required to sell electronics comprised of Computer Systems, Hardware and Software as part of the sales team. The responsibilities extends to creating awareness of the other complementary products and services such as our generic, brand and compatible toners; including the availability of Printers.

You may also have to combine your technical abilities with your all round sales approaches. Your job is likely to include:

  • Attending meetings and meeting up with customers;
  • Determining our business requirements to analyse the feasibility;
  • Handling any technical questions clients might have;
  • Presenting findings to technical teams whenever necessary;
  • Identifying and meeting customer needs within their assigned sales territory;
  • Maintain excellent after-sales relationships;
 Essential Job Competencies
  • Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills;
  • Sales/business development experience, with a record of meeting and exceeding quotas;
  • Strong communication, presentation, listening skills;
  • High level of financial acumen and good negotiation skills;
  • Ability to effectively communicate while emphasizing positive, future-oriented perspectives;
  • Technical aptitude and ability to learn;
  • Ability to coordinate and manage multiple sales activities;
  • Computer skills (including MS Office Package); and
  • Be an entrepreneur or intrepreneur at heart.
 Education Requirements & Experience
  • Grade 11 | 12
  • Over a year experience in sales or running a small business (regardless of industry)
Remuneration | Compensation | Benefits
  • Commission structured returns at 55% & 45% respectively;
  • Opportunity to build up foundation for Reselling Account; and
  • Opportunity to trade in own name.


As an ICT RA (VENDOR), you may become part of our company; coming on board with or without experience and seeking complementary relationships. 

With shown interest, we will assist with registering a legal entity on your behalf or position your current entity to serve the beneficial interests in all respect. Once all paperwork is sorted out on the part of your company, a website will then be set up and hosted for a year to allow you to run the operations; while focusing on the core activities such generating sales and profits.

No matter how you constitute Panache Pioneers, we will intervene in your quest to succeed. We have partners such as Keen Panache Enterprise (Pty) Ltd, poised as our strategic business and enterprise developers to assist with all paperwork and handling your non-stop administration when you start trading.

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  • Desire to Excel;
  • Ability to work hard;
  • Self motivated and confident;
  • Ability to exercise an initiative;
  • Moderate risk-taker;
  • Innovative and optimistic;
  • Analytical, with strong and positive mental attitude;
  • Ability to lead; and
  • Good human relation approaches.
You may need to speak to us. We’ll develop you while moving at your pace.
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